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It takes a lot more than many people realise to keep the doors open, the lights on,
and gardens beautiful. We appreciate any support which you
can offer us, either financially or volunteering your unique skills, gifts and talents.

Support Us



Since ancient times music has been an essential element of Jewish and Christian worship, and our parish continues this tradition through its small but dedicated team of musicians who help to enrich our worship week to week. If you have musical skills which you think could enrich the worship of our parish, we would love to hear from you.


Worship isn't just about the priest. At each service of public worship the priest is joined in the sactuary by members of the congregation called servers - regular lay members of the congregation who have answered God's call to ministry at the altar. To 'go unto the altar of God' is certainly an honour and a privilege, but is isn't one which is confined to a special group of people; any member of the Church may serve in the sanctuary. If you are interested in, or even merely curious about, becoming an altar server, please let us know.


Joining the Parish electoral roll is open to all. If you are interested in joining our Parish, you can let us know by attending a service in person at any of our three churches or by emailing us your details, including name, address, and phone number.

Get Involved


The Collection Plate is traditionally passed at each Holy Communion service. The money collected goes towards many missions throughout the Church; from general upkeep of the building and infrastructure, introducing new technologies and contributions to other charities and organisations.

In each of our churches we accept donation envelopes, cash and cheques. We also invite you to make a direct deposit through your preferred bank.


                            Account Name: Anglican Parish of Colac

                            Account Number: 627402521

                            Account BSB: 083-585

                            Description: Your Name & Planned Giving (e.g. Albert James Planned Giving)




Making a one-off donation to our Parish is appreciatively welcomed. These donations are used for the specific needs of the Parish. Most recently, donations have been used to acquire equipment to film and live stream our services on Facebook. However, these donations are also collected for repairs to buildings and infrastructure, purchase of alter accoutrement and clergy vestments; and much more. We always welcome donations, and if you would like more information, please send us an email.


Bequests from wills are treated with the utmost sympathy and consideration of the family. We guarantee that  the money given is utilised in the way dictated by the family and/or will. If you would like to discuss the giving of a bequeathment, please send us an email.

Donations & Bequests
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