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Wedding Rings

Nuptial Mass

A Nuptial Mass is the name commonly given to a wedding which takes place within the context of a service of Holy Communion. The bride and groom exchange their vows and rings, and have their union blessed in between the preaching of the sermon and prayers of the people.

Prayer Book Wedding Service

The classic wedding service consisting of traditional exchanging of vows and rings, the blessing of the union, followed by readings, a sermon, and prayers.


Livestreaming of  the wedding is available on request. 



Baptismal Font

Baptism During Sunday Service

The Baptism occurs during the course of one of our regular Sunday Services. The Baptism takes place between the sermon and the greeting of peace. The candidate for Baptism (or God Parent/Sponsor) make their declaration of faith and baptismal promises, after which the candidate is Baptised in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and welcomed by the congregation into the fellowship of the Church.

Private Baptism

Is the same Baptismal format as that of one during a regular Sunday Service, however, stands-alone from any regular service, and at a time that is suitable for the family and friends of the candidate.


Livestreaming of  Baptisms is available on request. 


Confirmation is a sacrament of the Church, whereby a person previously Baptised, receives the laying-on of hands from a Bishop, confirming them as a full communicant member of the Anglican Church of Australia. This rite is celebrated only a few times per year, please check our Events Calendar (below) for these dates, or contact our Parish Priest if you are interested in Confirmation.



Memorial Red Rose

Requiem Mass

A Requiem Mass is a service in which a deceased person is remembered and prayed for in the context of a service of Holy Communion. The service begins with elements of a tradition burial service (funeral sentences, eulogy/ies, farewell, committal, etc.) as well as the usual elements of a Holy Communion service (readings, sermon, prayers of intercession, eucharist prayer, etc.). This kind of funeral service is particularly appropriate for a person who has been a regular, committed, communicant Christian during their life.

Prayer Book Funeral Service

The classic Anglican funeral service which can take place either in the church building or by the graveside. The service features eulogy/ies, readings from scripture, a brief sermon, prayers for the departed and those who mourn, as well as the farewell and committal. This service can also be augmented by the addition of elements such as hymns, non-scriptural readings or recorded music.


Livestreaming of  the funeral sevice is available on request. 


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